MMDesign Business Solutions is a one-stop shop for small business:
Our services include web/graphic design, hosting, Unified
Communications, VoIP, product design and sourcing,
marketing and IT infrastructure design

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IT Solutions


MMDesign Business Solutions provides a comprehensive set of IT Services:

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Information Technology


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LifeConnect™ Virtual Office

Virtual OfficeAccess your desktop from anywhere on any device
  • Secure encrypted Access
  • Fully Managed and Maintained
  • All data secured in the cloud
  • Always the latest Software
  • No more updates and patches
  • No sensitive data on the devices
    device lost, stolen, dropped no problem
  • Work from any place with internet access

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IT Infrastructure Design

  • Every customer's situation is unique and so are his or her IT needs.
  • Our process typically includes the following steps:
    • Collect and compile all of your requirements
    • Analyze the existing infrastructure (if currently in place and available)
    • Perform a network assessment (if required)
    • Develop a proposal that addresses immediate AND future needs
    • Test the entire installation in our lab
    • Deploy the complete solution at your premises
    • Maintain the deployed infrastructure in the most cost effective manner (all our implementations are setup for complete remote management and trouble shooting and typically employ virtualization technology)

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Virtualization Technology

  • VirtualizationWe use virtualization technology (VT) extensively for the following reasons:
    • VT cuts down the number of required servers.
    • VT minimizes power consumption and cooling requirements and thus minimizes initial and recurring costs.
    • VT allows for greatly simplified server administration.
    • VT enables simple disaster recovery and full server backup
  • We have VMware VT certifications and have worked extensively with XenServer and other VT vendors.
  • Desktop Virtualization
    • Simple desktop management
    • No local data that could get lost
    • Reduce hardware cost

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IT Network Services

We offer a full range of network infrastructure solutions and services.

  • Firewall and Security Management
  • Data Storage Solutions
    • Online/off-site data storage
    • Online Backup
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Anywhere Data
    • Web based data access
    • Mobile data access from any smart phone
  • Account and System Administration
  • Virtualization Technology Design and Implementation
  • Email, Firewall and Application Server Support

  • Anti-Virus setup, configuration and maintenance
  • Printer network setup and installation
  • Domain Management and Hosting Services
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions (VPN)
  • Voice, Video and Data Cabling
  • Security updates, Access Management, and Patching
  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Network Assessments

  • Microsoft Technologies
    • Exchange Enterprise Email System Deployment and Conversions

    • Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server with Active Directory
    • Office Communication Server (OCS)

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Reliable Hardware

  • We design our own ultra-reliable LifeConnect™ servers that have the following features:
  • Small footprint (Mini-ITX form factor)
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Intel® Atom™ processor D510 based
  • Up to 4GB of system memory

  • Servers with no local data storage:

    • Solid-state drives, providing exceptional mean time between failure (MTBF) rates and ability to withstand extreme shock, vibration and temperature ranges

  • Servers with local data storage:

    • Use RAID hard disks providing fault tolerance

  • For high performance servers we standardize on Dell Servers.

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MMDesign Business Solutions holds the following certifications:




Certificates:NT4 CertificationServer 2003 CertificationCertified ProfessionalServer 2003 Sys Admin Certification



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MCA Logo


MCA Logo



MCA Logo Certificate:NT4 Certification



MCA Logo Certificates:NT4 CertificationNT4 CertificationNT4 Certification